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Bluetooth speaker and sound system hire

We are the first to offer Bluetooth with every single one of our audio systems in Oxfordshire, Bucks and Berkshire. Not ones to be left behind we like to pave the way for all hire companies to make all clients lives easier.

As standard we can now offer Bluetooth with any sound system hire. just ask on enquiry :)

Bluetooth enabled audio system hire

Why have we decided to offer Bluetooth as part of our packages?

Its all to do with simplicity - we can now offer a robust system that means you no longer have bulky mixers or anything to difficult to contend with at a party.

Just pair your phone to our audio systems and away you go.

Its the perfect DIY Ipod Bluetooth sound system hire for any event!

You may be concerned that the Bluetooth may fail - As with anything there is always the chance, of failure but we offer the highest quality professional products with all of our hire equipment to minimize the chances of it happening.

We thoroughly research the market in advance and beta test the products in controlled environments!

If you are looking to hire a Bluetooth enabled sound system for a party let us know!!



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