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Virtual events and hybrid events

What is a virtual event?

A virtual event is something we are all getting used to now since COVID 19 became a pandemic and the UK locked down. We are now able to have 30 people in space at an indoor event in a COVID secure venue, which is where our hybrid event solution comes into play but in this post we are talking about the amazing capacity of virtual production and virtual events

So lets begin - what is our version of a virtual event production.

Taking the Hollywood approach but without the budget the virtual event production we supply at THAT event company is completely bespoke and built from the ground up as to give you the best possible outcome and make it feel as if it where happening in your desired venue or even on top of your logo.

We can stream live from any location or it can be pre-recorded from any location, you can have guest speakers from any other location.

We produce either a live video (on your streaming platform of choice) or a final video for you to share. We can assist you with making good choices here too.

Virtual event production, 2 speakers on stage with presentation

In terms of it cost vs supplying AV for a in person event - its much cheaper and a lot more is possible, to give a basic example - production for a conference can cost 10's of thousands of pounds and is charged per hour and per item. In the virtual space we only charge per hour (initial build and producing the video) and if the assets already exist in our virtual warehouse then there is no cost to hire them!

Virtual conference set and stage for virtual event

We have already built some amazingly imaginative solutions for clients and moving forward even as we navigate through the pandemic, this solution offers clients an exceptionally slick and well produced event that is very green it effectively costs less carbon than boiling a kettle to produce on our end and travel is no longer required.

If you are looking for a virtual event solution, please let us know how we can help you.

A virtual venue where anything is possible

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