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Sound hire in Oxford - so you are looking to hire a PA system for an event?

So you are looking to hire a audio system for an event that you are putting on around Oxford?

If so you have come to the right place, with industry standard audio systems available to rent we can offer you anything from budget sound systems through to the highest quality PA for your event.

There are many reasons to hire a PA system;

Normally its either to amplify speech, music or video audio.

Either way we can help rent you the best sound system for your budget whether it be for music or speech.

So what do we need to know to make sure the quote for the hire is perfect the first time round?


How many people require mics:

How many people will be attending:

Dimensions of the space it will be used in:

speech pa system hire

Music: DJ sound system hire:

Type of DJ gear required (If DJ isn't supplying):

Do they require a monitor:

Type of music:


How many people are attending:

DJ Audio system hire and lighting

Music band pa system hire:

Please send us a tech rider for mics / monitor placement

Type of music:


How many people are attending:

band pa system hire oxford

We look forward to helping you out with any rental or hire enquiries you have for your events in Oxford.

Audio systems from:

D&B Audiotechnik PA systems

Turbosound sound systems


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