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That Event Company - Event effects hire

That Event Company, Oxford - Pyro, Fire and lighting effects for events and branding

At TEC we can offer you a variety of effects for hire, some items are custom built to order and can be personalized for the event too

Below we have listed a few of the effects we offer a majority of the time - if there is something you cant see, please contact us as we may stock it but the site may not be listing it.

Flambeaux being used outside ashmolean Oxford
Flambeaux hire

Standing at around 9 feet tall, the flambeaux is an amazing entrance effect, They are great for branding a space and the fronts can be personalised for the event.

Nothing quite shows that an event is taking place than real flames spouting from the top of these gothic looking pieces. The units always go in pairs. If you are looking a for a cost on flambeaux hire in Oxford, Bucks, Berks or the surrounding area's please contact us

Storm lantern hire oxford
Storm / Hurricane lantern hire

Storm lanterns are a great effect which can be used as part of a table center design (with candles or fairy lights) or can be used to create pathways on site - we have also done several events where they were hung from shepherd sticks which created a great Storm lantern lit walkway effect.

We can supply the lanterns for hire with / without candles and fairy lights. We currently only supply Storm lanterns to Oxford, Bucks and Berks - London by request only

Smoke, low fog and dry ice hire
Smoke, Haze, Dry ice and CO2 Jet hire

If you really are looking to get the most of out of your lighting then Smoke and haze hire is what you need - it fills the air with tiny (safe) particles for the lights and lasers to reflect off - creating dramatic effects. Dry ice / Low fog create "dancing on the clouds" effects for first dances at weddings - combined with the right lighting can be used for dramatic theatre effects. CO2 Jet Emulation is a new effect featuring high output coloured (LED Lit) smoke that looks amazing.

Bubbles, bubble mahine hire bubbles
Bubble machine hire, With or without UV bubble

High output bubble machines are a great effect for indoor and outdoor effects (Depending on wind speed / direction) Bubble machines are hired for a variety of events and can be used with a combination of lighting effects that create an amazing look; Strobe lighting makes the Bubbles look like they are standing still, Whereas UV bubble fluid colours the bubbles when combined with UV light hire - For more information please contact us

Pyro technics hire for events
Pyrotechnics hire

Pyrotechnics can really help your event go off with a bang, from gerbs, jets, Whistlers and of course the confetti cannons (Which can be used for heart shaped petals!).

Pyro is used to great effect at many events, but we have to make sure the venue is safe (and allows) pyro to be used. We have supplied pyrotechnics to many venues is Oxford and Bucks. Please contact us with the venue name and we will discuss it directly with them

Martin DC3 oil wheel effect hire
Water, fire and Oil effect lighting

Water effect light: a great effect for floors and ceilings, it can be slowly moving to give the whole room texture or fast for a crazy effect.

Fire effect light: This effect works well as a stand alone effect on walls - normally used in heaven and hell parties

Oil effect light: A psychedelic effect spawned from the late 60's & 70's disco scene - still an awesome effect by its self or combined with other lighting hire even today!!

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