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University Ball and Large Scale Corporate Parties - TEC Oxford.

Ball, Prom and Party Production Specialists.



We offer high quality equipment, unbeatable rates and exceptional service from quote to completion. (Please see links below for further details.)


THAT Event Company has more than ten years experience working closely with the organising committees of dozens of university balls, corporate balls and fund raising events. We can assist at every stage, from the first sketch of an idea, through the detailed design stage, to supplying every element of the production, including staging, sound, lighting, special effects, bands and DJs.


Early engagement with the TEC team allows us to scope out every detail of a proposed event, from access and facilities to artist availability. Making contact even as much as a year in advance incurs no extra charges, and enables us to deliver the most extravagant, yet cost effective, event.


Our team is accustomed to working with other production companies should you require us to provide supplementary services.

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