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That Event Company - Support from conception to completion

That Event Company, Oxford - A technical helping hand that can support you at any stage of your event planning.

When you decide to start planning and event - whether by yourself or as part of a team there is a chance that there will be quite a few things you forget to take into account - not because you have made a mistake, its just some items may be over looked that will only be done due to experience.

So what is event assistance from That Event Company?

Event assistance is more like event management but with the technical side taking precedence. see below for a list of things you can expect us to do;

We will:


Design and plan a functional and safe site layout  (with you)

Design and plan the power for your site and vendors

Design and plan functional lighting

Design and plan the sites acoustics

Design and plan site aesthetics and event lighting (with you)

Work with artists to make sure their technical riders are supplied

Work with suppliers to make sure their power needs are met

All relevant heath and safety

Method statements and risk assessments

Working with regulatory bodies for licenses and restrictions.

So how much does it cost?

Simply put the earlier we get involved the less it costs! Normally if we are involved from the start of the concept the charge will be minimal as any mistakes we have to rectify wont have happened thus saving time overall!

if you are interested in getting us involved, please don't hesitate to contact us 

TEC are ball and event production specialist - helping clients create seamless events

"James you and your team helped us plan and create the perfect ball. With over 1400 people in attendance i believe it will go down in history as one of the best the college has put on yet."

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