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That Event Company - Mic hire for every occasion

That Event Company, Oxford - High quality wireless and wired mics available for hire

Perfect microphone hire available for conferences, debates, lectures, weddings openings and more!

Hiring a microphone for an event is not always required, sometimes it can be enough just to speak up to be heard - but there are many instances where hiring a microphone for an event is a must - rather than generalling about that different mics and their uses here lets discuss the most common uses for mics in general - ampliciation of the mic to a large audience or to spread the sound for one audio source evenly or around a space.

There are many other reasons to hire a mic but the above are the most common be it for bands, conferences or speeches.

please see below for a selection of mics available - click on the Mic tile for more information about that product


TEC are hirers of wired and wireless mics for events in  Oxford, Bucks, London and the surrounding counties

" I have hired dozens of mic systems, every time they are perfectly working, well maintained and look great - what more can I ask for"

Mic hire Oxford, Bucks,  London and the surrounding counties

push to talk mic in bucks

Most of the mics we supply to events

Delivered to Oxford, Bucks and surrounding counties

Lapel mic in use at an event

Great for TV and video, reasonable for live work

Great for table discussions and radio and TV

Handheld radio mic system in use for an event

Classically used for basic speech  sound systems

Great for weddings and intimate conferences

Band singer sings directly into a microphone at a wedding

What it says on the tin. Shure, AKG and sennheiser

Dont forget to check our monitors and IEM!

Headset mic for use with wireless mic systems

For performers and theatres and live recording

Discrete skin coloured mics for seemless invisible micing

Illuminated blue acrylic lectern at pembroke college with mics

From shotgun mics through to push to talk

A Variety of mics available to create the perfect event

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