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Virtual Events - Hybrid Events - TEC Oxford

We offer high quality equipment, unbeatable rates and exceptional service from quote to completion. (Please see links below.)

For more information please see the dedicated site: Virtual event production Vitru8



At THAT Event Company we take close account of every technological innovation that can assist our clients in the staging of successful, high quality events. The recent Coronavirus pandemic ushered in a new era of virtual and hybrid events. We have developed the facility to provide clients with exceptional virtual event packages that are not only visually stunning, but support environmental sustainability and mitigate financial pressures. Whatever their origins, virtual and hybrid events are here to stay.


Combining our virtual capacity with our physical resources enables us to produce hybrid events that draw from the best of both real and virtual worlds. The possibilities in this ‘new normal’ are ‘virtually’ endless. Please take a look at our snapshots below and let us fire your imagination...

Virtual events - Ashmolean museum rebuilt as a virtual venue
Virtual events - Conference sets rebuilt for an online event
Nazrin shah, rebuilt for virtual events

So what are hybrid events?


Hybrid events are a combination of live physical events with a stream platform sharing the content, audio and video from site to your digital delegates.

We can assist you with all of these requirements, please speak to us to get a quote


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