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That Event Company - Working Practice

We carefully consider the three principal stages that can be applied to any and every event, and pay the same rigorous level of attention to each:


Stage One - Pre-Event


Prior to your event, one of our technical specialists will discuss your requirements and present a cost-effective solution which will often add value to the original brief. Our team will be available to discuss concerns, changes and logistics up to the date of the event, liaising closely with you and/or your event manager. Our team prides itself on our positive approach, technical expertise and interpersonal skills. In the days immediately before the event we will liaise with you and any other suppliers to double-check that everything is in order.


Stage Two - The Event


Our work begins several days before the event. All equipment scheduled for use is rigorously tested using our 3+1 in/out policy.


1/ PAT test - equipment is safety-tested before every hire for peace of mind.

2/ Function test - equipment is tested for a period of time to check all functions.

3/ Maintain test - equipment is cleaned, painted or polished to look as good as new.

+1/ Function test is repeated.


Once tests are complete, the equipment is ‘ring-fenced’ in our warehouse before loading.


On the day your equipment is due to be delivered, we check all routes for any incidents and use dynamic sat nav to avoid any issues arising. For your peace of mind, you will be supplied with a tracker link to our vehicle. On arrival, our team will work with venue staff to make sure load-in and setup is discreet, and install equipment based around safety, agreed design/technical specifications and aesthetics. We pride ourselves on our calm, can-do attitude.



Stage Three - Post-Event



After the event our de-rig team will remove all equipment, and any waste we have generated, taking care to make sure that the venue is returned to its original state. Regardless of the size or scale of event, we will follow up by inviting your feedback on our service. As experienced professionals we are always keen to find ways of improving every aspect of our work and welcome the honest appraisals of our customers.

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