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Product Launches, Opening Ceremonies and Pop Up Events - TEC Oxford

Public Event, Corporate Launch and Ceremony Specialists.



We offer high quality equipment, unbeatable rates and exceptional service from quote to completion. (Please see links below.)



THAT Event Company has more than ten years experience working closely with events managers to deliver opening ceremonies, product launches and a variety of indoor and outdoor public events. We offer total discretion and are accustomed to working under NDA, having provided services for events attended by members of the Royal Family and A-list celebrities.  


Our work with leading fashion houses and other blue-chip brands often involves the creation of bespoke spaces, sets and rigging. This applies to events on any scale, from reimagining a space for an intimate VIP gathering of thirty, to fully transforming an auditorium hosting thousands.


Early engagement with the TEC team allows us to scope out every detail of a proposed event, Making contact even as much as a year in advance incurs no extra charges, and enables us to deliver the most extravagant, yet cost-effective, event.

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