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That Event Company - Bespoke conference set design and build

That Event Company, Oxford - from simple felted flats to bespoke graphics, extrutions and more

A conference set  design, really can show your delegates that you mean business - it is natural for us to judge a book by its cover. After those initial 3 seconds its hard to change some bodies mind.

The set can not only show off your brands, but can be designed with the individual company in mind - nothing quite like a challenge!

Our team of freelance set builders, carpenters and metal workers will build a bespoke set based on your design needs, whether that be with us in charge of the design or your inhouse marketing team working on it

As standard we stock 8' x 4' & 4' x 2 available for hire to small budget minded conference's and basic sets these can be covered in what ever you require, from full Image wraps through to standard coloured felt, we can use the set peices to make arpetures for LED screens, products and projections

We supply conference sets to Oxford, Buck and London

Custom conference set built for an event
Custom set build and design

With Amazin wood and metal workers we can produce some amazing sets.

All it takes is an idea, and we can create the rest.

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