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That Event Company - Exterior lighting hire for balls

That Event Company, Oxford - Creating magical and safe spaces using outdoor lighting for events

At TEC we stock a variety of lighting effects that are perfect for both safety and aesthetics for balls and outood events.

We can work with you or your event production team to come up with a suitable lighting design that not only looks amazing, is within budget and is safe for your guests and others.

We can also deal with the MOD in terms of agreements for any high output lighting that may affect pilots or night vision exercise's near by meaning you are completely secured in making sure your lighting system is "on" for the duration of your event.

Yes they can ask you to turn some / all lights off!

So lets plan the lighting right from thestart, contact us today

Out door wash lighting blue
Vibrant colour changing outdoor lights

We can create amazing vibrant buildings that can be lit up wirelessly and controlled for full colour manipulation.

Perfect backdrops or entranceways for events!

Outdoor tree event lighting
Sky searcher hire

We stock Sky flowers that can be seen from upto 7 miles away.

These allow your guests to get excited about your event before they turn up as they get closer the light becomes more apparent - such a great effect.

Stage lighting
Enough lighting to be safe

An event like a ball short be dark - but not too dark!

We can design the space with you to make sure there is enough ambient light to make sure the site is safe without being too bright

Tree wash and fairy lights
Lighting up trees

So simple but very effective!

Trees when lit up look amazing - we can do it any colour to really bring your space alive!

festoon walk way lighting
Festoon hire

The festival classic, Festoon is great for lighting up food area's, pathways, toilets and more.

Its a great effect that produces a nice spread out lighting effect

Venue exterior uplighting and fairy lights
Lighting design

Show us the space and we will create something magical.

The cost of the design is normally covered by the cost of the equipment being hired!

Contact us for more details

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