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That Event Company - Wireless radio microphone hire


Wireless headset microphones are the perfect solution to corporate live event and theatre use, they are a preference over lapel mics due to the feedback rejection and over all sound quality.

When Considering your radio mic choice there are plenty of things to consider and we stock headset mic systems for hire from Sennheiser & proel and offer a pro range and budget radio mic hire systems in Oxford and Bucks

Please check here for mic hire prices

Please contact us to discuss your hire at our Oxford office or Bucks warehouse

Sennheiser lapel / lavalier mic hire

Professional grade handheld lapel / lavalier mic systems from Sennheiser. Perfect for any event. If its important your event is audible always go with the professional pack over the budget pack

Head mic hire - add a headset mic to a body pack transmitter

To be added to the lapel mic system, the headset mic is the best way to amplify speech or theatre productions in a live environment and is a preference over lapels

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