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That Event Company - Festoon lighting hire

That Event Company, Oxford - Bespoke festoon designs and aesthetic site lighting for barns, marquees, fields and venues in Oxford and Bucks.

Festoon does look cool, and its very much in fashion right now with 1 in 10 events requesting festoon

At TEC we have hundreds of meters of festoon in varying designs - from 1m spaced down to 50cm spaced and 3 diffrent types of lamp;

Filament visible / Clear - (dimmable)

Opaque (dimmable)

Warm white LED (not dimmable)

All of our festoon lamps are golf ball size which look effective wether up high in the eaves of a barn or either side of a walkway directing your guests to a location.

Festoon, has been classed as the same as fairy lights over the last few years but its very different in terms of its overall use - but for riggiing in venues we suggest you go to the fairy light canopy hire page to get a better idea of some questions we may ask (although some designs will be below)

Other than making the inside of your venue all pretty with festoon it has some great practical uses for festivals, site lighting and is generally good for safety at events.

We have two distinct types of festoon in stock;

Festoon on Ip rated 16 amp ceeform - these are industrial professional units

LED Festoon on white cable - these are perfect for festoon in barns and inside marquees

so lets get on with the insteresting bit - lets see some basic designs below; (Please note most photos taken during the day)

Please note these are our basic stock photots we can also recreate anything you send us

Marquee curves

Following the curves and design of the marquee really allows us to highlight the space. Always a favourite along with Side - Apex - Side for marquees

For a cost on a working in your marquee with festoon for your event, please contact us with your marquee companies details

Spaced Zig Zag festoon canopy

The spaced  Zig zag canopy consists of loosely packed festoons normally around 1m apart which creates a great dimmable ceiling effect without being too overpowering

For a cost on a  zig zag canopy for your event, please contact us with your venues details

Walkway lighting

Create that dramatic entrance you have always wanted or just be inviting to you guests - all of us here are big fans to festoon walkway lighting as its just such a perfect effect!

For a cost on creting a walkway at you event please contact us

A space to hang the lanterns!

Well the chinese lanterns have to go somewhere!

The advantage with hanging your chinese lanterns from festoon means they are actually internally lit (as they were meant to be) - rather than just hanging off a fairy light or steel cable

For a cost on a  zig zag canopy for your event, please contact us with your venues details

Criss cross festoon canopy

A very cost effective design to create that warmth and overhead festoon look that seems to be all the rage at weddings this year

For a cost on a criss cross canopy with festoon for your event, please contact us with your venues details

Site lighting

Who wants big ugly lighting towers when you can have perfectly distributed lighting around site that looks the part to - its definitely all about the festoon!

For a cost on a festoon-ing up your event - give us a tinkle

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