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That Event Company - Fairy light canopy hire

That Event Company, Oxford - Bespoke fairy light designs for your venue, marquee or barn, Based in Oxford and Bucks but also supplying fairy light canopies for weddings and events in Berkshire and Northamptonshire.

Its your big day, lets do it right.

At TEC we have several miles of fairy lights in stock on white and back cable, the fairy lights come in both warm white and cold white and are all available fully dimmable (on one or several dimmers) so that you can adjust the design of your fairy light canopy to suit the mood of your event at the touch of a fader or two.

There is definately something quite magical about the look of dimmed fairy lights over your heads whilst eating your wedding breakfast or having your first dance, which is why the design and installation of fairy light canopies have become so popular and due to demand have luckily come down in costing.

Firstly is it possible to have fairy light canopy in my venue?

In a word - Yes, anything is possible on a temporary basis given the right equpment and rigging, although venues without exposed structures, beams or air wall hangers may require internal temporary structures to be built - which will increase the cost significantly. Everything we do is temporary,  we do not nail, screw or attach any fixings to any part of a venue - in some cases this means a fairy light canopy is not possible - but please send us a photo of your venue and we should be able to gauage the possibility quite quickly.

If a fairy light canopy is possible what are the charges?

We charge per item, although the quote will display the design type and approx meterage, the invoice will give a break down of every single cable, dimmer, invertor, spare fuse, fairy light, mile and hour! All of our equipment is also available for dry hire which means you can collect the fairy lights from us for DIY and low budget events!

How do you install the fairy lights?

We work with you and your timings, we also work with your venue and their timings to make sure we install the desired look in the required time frame - we take a rule of thumb spares kit featuring 15% more kit than on the quote (just incase), as a minimum two techs will be present for the installation, this is part of our health and safety plan and follows our current method statement. They will use either; Large Zarges ladders, scaffold towers and cherry pickers - depending on the specific requirement of the installation and venue. All of our teams have installed dozens of fairy light canopies before and understand the tight time restrictions that some venues put in place, we have a fully scalable team at TEC meaning we can go from 2 techs for an install through to 30, for events with several spaces and a tight time window.

We do ask that you make sure all tables and chairs are out of the way on installation / De rig for safety reasons

How do you take the fiary lights away?

This is up to you / Your venue, we can take it away that night, the following morning or if you have shared the cost we will work with the venue / last client in chain for the de rig.


For your peace of mind we carry Public liability, Employers liability, Products liability and are experts in safely rigging and installing equipment at height - Our equipment is tested before and after every event and is PAT tested every time it leaves the warehouse. We are experts at temporary installations working with budgets as small as £100 upwards

so lets get on with the insteresting bit - lets see some basic designs below; (Please note most photos taken during the day)

Please note these are our basic stock photots we can also recreate anything you send us

Parallel fairy light canopy
Fairy light parallel canopy (straight line canopy)

The parallel canopy consists of several lengths of fairy lights equally spaced to create an exceptional look that really works well in barns and long event venues.

Its a quick installation, that is not only cost effective but looks amazing also

For a cost on a parallel canopy for your event, please contact us with your venues details

Crossed fairy light canopy
Fairy light crossed canopy

The crossed canopy consists of several lengths of fairy lights spaced equally and then crossed in such a manor to create an amazing looking diamond design from below. It really works well in smaller venues - but still a favourite here at TEC.

For a cost on a crossed canopy for your event, please contact us with your venues details

compact zig zag fairy light canopy
Compacted Zig Zag fairy light canopy

The compacted Zig zag fairy light canopy consists of very tightly packed fairy lights strings (normally 50cm or below apart) which creates a complete cover of lights over head for dramatic photos and an amazing looking space

For a cost on a compacted zig zag canopy for your event, please contact us with your venues details

Single point fairy light canopy
Single point fairy light canopy

The single point fairy light canopy consists of several fairy light strands going up to a single point - very effective in square marquees - normally spaced every 1.5 or 3m for maximum effect. When in venues spacing would be dictated by the design of the room

For a cost on a single point canopy for your event, please contact us with your venues details

Criss cross fairy light canopy
Criss Cross fairy light canopy

The criss cross fairy light canopy is by far the most simple, although it create an amazing effect vs budget - this is the cheapest of all the fairy light systems.

Given it is so cost effective it still looks amazing in many spaces!

For a cost on a criss cross canopy for your event, please contact us with your venues details

White drapes and fairy lights
Gathered fairy light canopy

A twist on the standard parallel canopy - looks great in situ and has also been called the "Bow tie" design by a few clients in 2016! once again a clear favourite espicially when combined with drapes

A favourite of 2015 for many clients

For a cost on a gathered canopy for your event, please contact us with your venues details

Side apex side fairy light canopy in a marquee
Side - Apex - Side fairy light canopy

The Side-Apex-Side, does exactly what it says on the tin - normally for use in marquees, the canopy follows the lines of the exsisting structure as to highlight them once lit - works well with interestingly shaped marquees and clear span alike

For a cost on a single point canopy for your event, please contact us with your venues details

Double point fairy light canopy in a marquee
Looking for real lamps or Edison style lamps?

We offer real festoon, with a a selection of different lamps, from LED, Opaque to filament visible units.

If you want to know more about festoon hire please click here

Chinese lanterns
Chinese lanterns

Yep we do these too!

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