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That Event Company - Share the cost!

That Event Company, Oxford - Weddings can be expensive, how about an innovative idea? -  share the burden!

Being a service we help venues, clients, CEO's, Brides & Grooms, multinational companies on a daily basis.

Some of our clients can absorb the costs better than others, but over the years we have grown to understand that brides and grooms are trying to create that perfect day without breaking the bank. We have worked on the production for couples with full wedding budgets of under 1k upto couples spending more than £3 million on their special day - lets ignore the top of the market for the moment.

Anyone with a wedding budget of £0 - £40K will benefit from this deal!

To give you an idea of how it works please see below;

You: Mr & Mrs A

Your venue:

Caswell house

Your date:

Thursday xx/xx/xx

Your install:

Main long room fairy light parallel canopy (12 lenghts) on dimmer

Initial  price: (price for calculations only - real initial cost will vary)

Equipment £100.00

Labour: £100.00 (Setup /packdown)

Transport: £100.00 (Delivery / Collection)

Day total:


Now lets imagine you could tie the same design & equipment with a couple (Mr & Mrs B) getting married on the friday!

Additional charges:


Labour: Same design N/a

Transport: N/a

Day total:


two day total:


Cost split between Mr & Mrs A and Mr & Mrs B

£162.50 - a massive saving of over 45%

Now lets imagine you could tie the same design & equipment with two more couples; Mrs & Mrs C - saturday wedding and Mr and Mr D Sunday wedding

Additional charges:

Equipment:£25.00 (Sat)

Equipment £25 (Sun)

Labour: Same design N/a

Transport: N/a

Extra total:


Thur - Sun total:


Cost split between Mr & Mrs A, Mr & Mrs B, Mrs & Mrs C And Mr & Mr D

£93.75 - a massive saving of around 70%.

That is an almighty saving! how can we offer this? We have stock - lots of it and we want it to be used and enjoyed by as many clients as possible.

What do you need to do next?

Get a quote from us, agree a spec with the other couples having weddings that weekend at the same venue - save money!

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