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That Event Company - d&b audiotechnik hire

TEC Oxford - High quality d&b audiotechik audio systems for amazing events

d&b audiotechnik is an international manufacturer of loudspeaker systems and electronics for very high quality speech and music reproduction or sound reinforcement in public places. The company's products are regarded as the best in the world. d&b loudspeakers are used globally in rental and installation markets for events, multimedia, musicals, concert halls, theaters, opera houses, broadcast and everything else from the smallest conference room to the largest stadium.

The above is taken straight from d&b audiotechnik's website, when we first heard the speakers the above statement definitely rings true with these speakers sounding clean and with a quality level that was unmatched

We currently stock

E12 - 12" Coaxial driver - 134db SPL
M4 monitor - 15" coaxial driver - 140db SPL
Q7 - dual 10" drivers - 138db SPL
Q1 - line array - 139db SPL



E15X sub - 15" bass driver - 130db SPL
Qsub - 18" bass driver - 133db SPL
B2 sub - dual 18" bass drivers - 139db SPL


Visit d&b audiotechnik

If you have an event in Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire and Berkshire that requires the best in audio - please contact us to discuss your needs

Speech pa system
Speech pa hire

We can offer exceptional audio quality from our d&b audiotechnik speech systems, featuring our Q7's and E12 boxes we can design an audio system to direct the sound exactly where it needs to go rather than just throw sound around a venue and hope for the best.

Please contact us to discuss a bespoke package for your speech or conference

Club system
DJ sound system hire

Our large format and small scale DJ systems are all based around the Q system and subs (although smaller events could benefit by using the E system) the Q series boxes have a perfect spread and SPL level that suits any client thats looking to impress their guests.

Please contact us for a bespoke audio quote

Band PA system
Band pa hire

Based around our Q series, but using the M & E series as monitors we can offer bands an exceptional sound system that is Rider friendly and top notch in terms of sound quality.

d&b audiotechnik is one of the most readily requested audio systems in the world by world class artists.

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