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THAT EVENT COMPANY OXFORD - High impact lighting for corporate events, balls and weddings

So what is high impact lighting and why do i need it?

That Event Company, Oxford - bringing the "wow" to every event

From something simple like lighting  up a castle in the distance to creating a bespoke lighting solution within the 4 walls of your venue, we are here to help - every step of the way..

So whats high impact lighting?

Simply put its the wow factor for you and your guests, from the moment they walk into your event, they know they are at "your event" by using lighting effects throughout your venue and outside we can create a completely bespoke and personalised version of your venue fitting your vision of how you want it to look and all just for your event - never to be fully replicated by anyone else again. A truly bespoke and personalised lighting service that makes everyone stand back in awe!

Please contact us to discuss your hire or book an appointment in either our Oxford office or Buckinghamshire warehouse

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