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That Event Company - DJ and party lighting hire

That Event Company, Oxford - Hire party lighting effects cost effectively


If you are looking to add some sparkle to your party then our DJ party lighting hire is the perfect addition and you really don't have to break the bank to create an amazing event!

Remember we do audio hire, DJ hire and larger lighting systems too!

please contact us in our Oxford office or Bucks warehouse now to discuss your event

TEC are and event production specialist - Nothing quite like having great disco lighting - its the glue that makes a party work

"James, Thank you so much for all your help.


Even though we had a small budget you still took the time to discuss everything with us in the lead up to the hire. We will be back!"

Twister lights

Twisters are a great effect and create beams of light (if used with smoke and haze hire) around your party venue, creating a great party atmostphere.

If no smoke is allowed, the effect still looks great, producing coloured twisting patterns for your party. Prices start at just £10.00 per unit

Kids party lighting package

This consists of 2 small scale units which are sound activated, and flash and change colour in time with the beat. As an addition there is also a UV LED batten added in for good measure!

Prices start at £12.00 for the package

Mirror ball hire

The effect that is perfect for cost sensitive events and events with large budgets - simply put the mirror ball effect for parties just works!

Prices start from just £4.00 per day

Ultra violet lighting hire

UV lights are a great effect all by themselves for UV parties or can be a welcome additional lighting effect for any party. UV lights make anything white or UV reactive glow up exceptionally bright - its a very cool effect!

Prices start at just £5.00 per unit

Strobe lighting

Strobes are an interesting effect and when used in moderation can really make the party go with a bang!

Some of our strobes feature crowd blinding for that extra special effect right when a tune drops!

Prices start at £15.00

Something bigger for your party?

Dont forget we have a full array of larger lighting and sound for parties and events! please contact us for more details!

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