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That Event Company - Wedding backdrop hire

That Event Company, Oxford - For amazing wedding fairy light backdrops!

The wedding backdrop has moved on from the standard black and white units and now feature all sorts of interesting desgins.

We have worked with clients to produce printed backdrops, edison and festoon lamp backdrops - the flexability to design almost anything as a backdrop is now down to you.

Remember the backdrops can be for the head table and behind your DJ or band!

We have listed the most popular designs below, but feel free to contact us to discuss your requirements in more detail.

Black wedding backdrop

The black wedding backdrops work really well in darker venues or barns.

They can als owork really well in very white bright buildings to create a contrast

Prices for a 6m wide black backdrop starts at £97.50

White wedding backdrop hire

The classic effect for refined looking backdrops!

Great for headtables and Bands & DJ's alike

Prices for a 6m wide white backdrop starts at £127.50

Asian mendhi stage wedding backdrops

Many different desgins and furniture available.

Please contact us for exact pricing

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