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That Event Company - Video switching and vision mixer hire

That Event Company, Oxford - Switching and mixing video live at events

If you have found our video switching hire page its because you are looking to switch between different video sources instantly and at the press of a button.

We stock Seamless switchers with both analogue and digital inputs / outputs which are ready to take your signal source and switch the video seamlessly from one source to another.

Seamless switchers are regularly used in the conference market to allow the conference to switch from one laptop to another; normally from one power point to another or power point to a video. Its also common that a seamless switcher is put in place as a backup in case a laptop crashes - this allows you to seamlessly go to your backup without any one realizing.


If this sounds of interest and you need to hire video switching or a vision mixer with or without an op please contact us in our Oxford office or Bucks warehouse to discuss your hire requirements in more detail

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