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That Event Company - UV and strobe lighting hire

If you are looking for UV / Ultraviolet or blacklight hire or strobe light hire chances are you are putting on an event with a "rave feel" or a UV party.

If so you have come to the right place for great quality equipment and support at great prices.

UV and strobe light hire for parties and events

UV Light hire

We have several UV lights available to hire for events in Oxford, Bucks and Berkshire and they can provide a great effect if used correctly.

So what is a UV light?
A UV light, or black light as they are sometimes known, is a light that produces safer UVA (UVB is from sunbeds etc.) light which you can't see but you can see the effect of the UV when the light reacts with white clothing, teeth, paint, posters etc. The effect is caused when phosphors are excited by the light source and glow - giving you the UV affect we all know and love at UV parties and events.

UV lights are a great effect if used as a stand alone effect in a chill out area or part of a bigger lighting system. UV lighting when used as part of a bigger lighting display gives you an ambient glow across the room, which is great especially if your lights are quite directional and you are worried the People at your venue/attending your event might be in darkness during the night.

Strobe light hire

Strobe lighting gives a great effect and we have many different styles of strobes for parties and events available. A standard strobe has an xenon-filled lamp which lights up a very bright white when electricity is supplied. Arcline is a series of strobes that can go on for tens of meters for really interesting effects. LED strobes feature in all of our LED units and have the ability to change colour too.

Dangers and strobe lighting: strobe lighting can cause epileptic seizures in people who have epilepsy. You can minimise the risk by keeping the flashes below three per second - this makes it very unlikely that the strobe will cause a seizure. We recommend putting posters up warning of strobe use before your event

Hopefully this will give you an idea of what you need, if not we are only a click or call away and we are always here to help you.

Please contact us at our Oxford office or Bucks warehouse to discuss your event or hire

Ultra violet lighting hire

UV Lighting hire prices start from just £5.00 per day

Strobe lighting

Strobe lighting hire prices start from just £15.00 per day

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