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That Event Company - Turbo sound system hire

That Event Company, Oxford - Working with the best audio brands to give you the faultless service you deserve

Turbosound is a leading designer and manufacturer of professional loudspeaker systems - proven by the vast number of endorsements of major international artistes and prestigious permanent installations around the world.

Turbosound's unique, award winning designs have been developed around unorthodox principles, resulting in a special harmony between high technology in its purest form and a natural approach to the art of acoustical and electronic engineering.

The above is taken straight from Turbosound's website - as a teenager Turbosound was the first pro audio brand I ever heard in real life I then wondered why I had ever spent so much money on Bose system for the house! The amazing blue (now painted black) speakers created so much "sound energy" and clarity that it really was a head turner., once you have heard professional audio there really is no going back!

We currently stock:
TXD12m monitor - 12" driver - 128db SPL
TXD151 - 15" driver - 130db SPL
TXD118 - 18" bass driver - 129db SPL
TA500 - 15", 10" drivers - 141db SPL
TSW218 - Dual 18" drivers - 141db SPL

Visit Turbosound

Please contact us to discuss your hire or book an appointment in either our Oxford office or Buckinghamshire warehouse

TEC are  suppliers of Turbosound pro audio equipment - British made, amazing boxes

"Thank you for hiring us such an amazing sound system, the band loved playing through it so much that some of them are thinking of getting a loan to buy some!"

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