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That Event Company - Speech PA hire

TEC Oxford - High quality speech systems available without breaking the bank

Clear and precise audio hire packages to amplify speeches at events.

Speeches at events are one of the most important aspects to ensure the event is a success. If the sound system is not clear or is not properly deployed, your guests and delegates will have to try harder to make sense of what is being said. This unfortunately will make them loose interest in the speaker, something you do not want to happen.

We offer full speech PA hire in Oxford, Bucks and Berkshire and offer a price match guarantee if the speech sound system is of comparable quality. All of the equipment we supply is worked out in advance to make sure that it is perfect for the event, from the type of microphone hire requirement, through to the outboard processing (if needed) and the correct deployment and distribution of the PA system.

We work with you to make sure your speech(es) are faultless and that all of your guests and delegates can be privy to the information you are talking about, whether it be a product launch, opening, debate or a wedding.

All of our microphones and PA systems in our hire stock are of the highest possible quality, but our prices are exceptionally competitive.


If you are interested in hiring a speech PA system please contact us to discuss your requirements so that we can work with you for a faultless event.

TEC are hirers and installers of high quality speech systems  - Unbeatable on price and service

"The speech was heard perfectly outside and in all the rooms, thank you so much for making this such an easy and professional experience!"

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