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That Event Company - Monitor hire for DJ's and Bands

That Event Company, Oxford - Monitoring systems for bands and DJ's

AT TEC we have a great selection of budget speakers through to some great sounding high end monitors and In ear monitoring systems, if you dont see something that you require below please contact us - we may not have added it to the website as yet!

So what are band / stage monitors?

Floor monitors are normally compact speakers that lay on the ground but at an angle so that it is pointing at the performer - so they can clearly hear the mix. Our monitors are 10" and 12" and we stock 15" & 18" for drum fills. The purpose of the floor monitor is to enable the band to hear themselves and the rest of the grou which generally gives a better more "gelled" performance.

What is a DJ monitor?

A DJ monitor is very similar to a stage monitor except it is normally pole mounted and generally comes with a larger bass driver (15" upwards), although the use is very similar to the band - it allows the DJ to hear what ever is coming out of the speakers. Without it the DJ only hears rooms reflections and a muffled sound as they are generally behind the speakers for the event.

Below we have listed a few popular items that are hired on a weekly basis.

Please contact us to discuss your hire or book an appointment in either our Oxford office or Buckinghamshire warehouse

Band wedge monitor hire

We stock a variety f different band wedge monitors from 10" upto 15" speakers with subs for drum fills. If you are looking for wedge monitor hire, please let us know.

Based from our base's on the Oxford / Bucks border we can service a majority of the country cost effectively

In ear monitor system - IEM hire

Some bands have a preference of using both monitor wedges and IEM but in some cases and small intimate spaces (Like Teepee's!) you really need to scrap the band wedges and go just with IEM for the band. It will give a great look to the space and use less "retail space" at your event.

If you are lookin to hire IEM In ear monitors for a band or your event - please let us know!

DJ Monitor hire

Whether you are djing yourself, have friends DJing or you have a hired a pro DJ, chances are you will need to hire a DJ monitor for them. We can offer a variety of wedged and pole mounted solutions with / without bass bins to make sure that the DJ can hear whats going on perfectly and make sure you have an amazing night and so does the DJ!!

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