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That Event Company - Mirror ball hire

That Event Company, Oxford - The timeless effect that still looks amazing for parties and refined for weddings

Mirror balls when used correctly are an amazing effect that can create a refined movement of light rather than flashing disco lights.

A mirror ball lighting system is created by shining either a Par 36 pin spot or a high output lighting effect like a moving head profile light - both of which look amazing and suit different venues. As the mirrors on the ball refract the light it effectively means you have one light source that can spread throughout the whole of your event space.

All of our mirror balls can be dry hired or installed by us.

If you are looking for a quote on mirror balls and its effect please contact us to discuss it in more detail

Normally we hire mirror ball packages locally to Oxford, Bucks and Berkshire although if its part of a bigger production further away we will most definitely be able to support you.

Please contact us at our Oxford office or Bucks warehouse to discuss your event or hire

Mirror ball lighting effect with purple uplighting and wash effects
High output mirror ball packages for events

When using a high output lighting fixture on a mirror ball it opens up a lot of options in terms of control - from adjusting the angle on the light remotely to changing the colour of the whole effect.

Definitely a must for an event as an additional part or as a center piece

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