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That Event Company - DIY Weddings - well why not!

That Event Company, Oxford - supplying great cost effective DIY equipment, party lighting and IPOD audio to weddings

There has been a definite change in the market over the last several years with maybe 20% of clients opting to do a DIY wedding, taking care of all their own technical requirements and we have seen some amazing feats!

So why are people taking the DIY approach?

Sometimes it can be due to finances - we all know that dinner for 2 can be expensive - let alone 102!

Sometimes they have technical friends / Family that can help - Free labour force is always a good thing to get things going

Finally some people just like a challenge! - well why not you only live once

No matter your reasons we are still here to help as a technical partner, this means help with working out the right equipment, designing aspects of your event (may be subject to design fee) and making sure you get the best bang for buck - whether that be uplighting or a DIY disco or IPod disco setup.

So please take your time looking around the site - its all possible to be hired; with / without setup & with / without transport.

TEC are wedding and event production specialist - supplying event equipment for weddings and events for those clients looking to take the DIY approach

"i was a little dubious about taking all the equipment and not paying for setup, but its a wedding and i over spent. The equipment was delivered neatly and was labelled clearly a personalised PDF was sent through with instructions and trouble shooting steps, it was all so very simple - thanks guys!."

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