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That Event Company - DIY Disco and Ipod party hire

That Event Company, Oxford - Amazing cost effective disco and party hire setups available for events

We have created a series of budget, medium quality and high end Ipod party and DIY disco systems available to hire for clients looking to do their own party.

Since the dawn of the Ipod and Mp3 player a majority of clients are now opting to put on their own parties, by either using an Ipod, Mp3 player or laptop. Sometimes just using the standard software or third party jukebox apps to give their guests full control of the event is a great idea, although you can obviously lock them out and just use your own ipod playlist!


When having a party not every client really wants a DJ stood in the corner of their event, so when the ipod came along it became a cost effective solution for some clients where an IPOD party or DIY disco was better suited than a DJ.


With an IPOD party system or DIY disco it takes up almost half the space of a disco with a DJ, as you don't need any space behind the equipment meaning it can go all the way back against the wall - saving (in some situations) valuable floor space on the dance floor.


We have listed the advantages and disadvantages below for IPOD parties;


Cheaper - more budget is available for other parts of your event - booze etc :)

All weekend - you have the equipment all weekend (if required), for after parties and pre parties

Smaller - Takes up a lot less party space than a disco system with a DJ

Full control - you and/or your guests have full control over the music - no abba, means NO ABBA!



App fee's - you may have to pay for an app to run the music

Mic - You wont have a dedicated DJ looking after the mic for announcements.


A majority of our clients have commented that they find the atmosphere without a DJ as being more "relaxed"


AT TEC we only offer equipment that is perfect for the party its required for, so whether its a party or a wedding in a village hall, marquee, hotel or venue - you can be guaranteed we will only be supplying you with what you need and at the highest quality. We do not use cheaper audio systems that distort easily which can cause tinnitus symptoms.

So if you are looking for an Ipod party system or are looking to do a DIY disco in Oxford or Bucks please contact us for more details

TEC are suppliers of equipment of various price brackets, from cost effective audio and lighting to world class systems

"I just wanted to say a really big thank you for providing the Ipod party equipment at our wedding. Everything, including the set-up and pick-up, was great. Thank you in particular for all your help in working out what equipment we needed before the day – that was hugely appreciated.."

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