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That Event Company - Dancefloor hire in Oxford and Bucks

That Event Company, Oxford - suppliers of technical and aesthetic solutions for your event.

White, black, Zig zag and starlit dancefloors are available for hire


We can offer venues and clients cost effective dancefloors for finishing the party area of your event - anything from 8' x 8' all the way upwards to meet your requirements

If you need to hire a dancefloor please give us a ring to disucss your requirements  and our team will be happy to discuss any dance floor related questions with you

Black dancefloor hire
Full colour (black or white dancefloors)

We stock both white dancefloors and black dancefloors for hire, they really do add a nice contrasting effect to your space.

Marquees really suit black whereas barns and darker venues really suit white.

Please contact us for pricing with installation

Black and white dancefloor
two colour surround

Cant quite make up your mind on whether you prefer a white or black dancefloor. Why not have both by making the perimeter one colour andthe inside the other?

It really does look quite good!

Zig zagged dancefloor
Zig zag or alternating

Gone are the days of the classic chequerboard dancefloor and in with the new!

Zig zas and alternating give a new spin of the classic look!

Starlit dancefloor
Starlit dancefloor hire

Looking for a bit of sparkle on the dancefloor?

Please get in contact to discuss this great effect!

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