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That Event Company - Club lighting hire

There are so many great lighting effects out there available for hire which all give great results.

If you know what you want or have an image of what you are looking to create with your lighting design please contact us straight away for a great quote.


Alternatively if you are new to this and require guidance please see below

Firstly we need a budget - keeping to your budget allows us to design the lighting hire for your event perfectly with small amounts of twaeks. This saves you alot of time allowing you to concentrate fully on your event

Below is some basic information for you to read to get an idea of certain lights and their effects;

Lasers are great effects, they come in a variety of colours; green, red and blue and more recently to the lower end of the laser market "white" (RGB mixed together).
These lights produce tunnel and wave effects and are always a good center piece to any event.

Check first though; if your venue doesn't allow you to have a smoke machine, don't hire a laser it wont look as good as it should do!

Strobes come in all different shapes and sizes, from small mini strobes (25 watts) to large festival "Crowd blinder strobes" (thousands of watts).
They all have a place in creating that "nightclub feel".  A strobe light is effectively a very bright white light flashing at a desired frequency (that can be controlled)
Caution: Strobe lighting can trigger people with epilepsy to have seizures.
If you are thinking of having strobe lighting please put notices up to inform people.

UV Lighting effects are simple, cheap and great. The effect makes anything white or neon glow vibrantly, its great for making things look vivd. The UV effect is often seen as a "rave" effect
UV comes in a couple of different shapes and forms;
The most popular UV hire items are the 400 watt UV cannon and the LED UV equivalents

Moving heads;
Moving heads are now one of the most used effects in nightclubs and festival stages.
They come in 4 distinct flavours but combined together create amazing mid air effects;

Beam: These are exceptionally narrow beams that are perfect for really cutting through the air, and can be seen for a considerable distance

Profile: These have a wider beam angle and create great gobo and pattern effects

Wash / LED wash: These primarily are used for colour washing of a space and artists.

We also have a range of budget lights to hire for smaller events

Please contact us at our Oxford office or Bucks warehouse to discuss your event or hire

Laser hire

Lasers create a dramatic mid air effect which is animated.

Lasers should only be used if you are able to use smoke in your venue

UV, Ultra violet & blacklight hire

A great effect used for "UV parties" Halloween events, product launches, kids parties and any event which you want items, people or clothing to "glow"

Strobe hire

A great center piece for any event where DJ's and bands are performing!

Moving head beam, profile and wash hire

Great effects that transform a space and give the event a highly polished professional feel

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