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That Event Company - Large scale projections

That Event Company, Oxford - Projectors used in many imaginative ways!

using projectors to do anything but project power points at your company's quarterly review has really taken off and in a big way, from some of the larger companies projecting onto iconic London landmarks and completely video mapping amazing spaces.

If that's what you are looking for then you have come to the wrong place (currently), we can do medium scale projections.

So what does that mean?

We can project (with high output projectors) onto buildings and use different lens to create a variety of effects that are great for events.

see below to see some examples


If this sounds of interest and you need to hire a projector to create interesting effects please contact us in our Oxford Office or Bucks warehouse to discuss your hire in more detail

Simple but effective projections

Large outside projections suitable for company events where logo's or branding is required.

Or for a slide show showing certain facts you want to get across to people passing by


Show images in scales never before seen, the image to the right has been magnified quite a few times to create the stunning staircase art


Nothing says "event" than colour combinations and branding. Here you can see an alice in wonderland themed event where the flowers were animated to move throughout the event and the scene was masked so it didn't bleed out into other areas.

Wow factor

With so many interesting animations out there, why not add some wow to your event by projecting on all 4 walls and get the whole building looking like the video - exceptioanlly effective and looks amazing!

Event theme's

By using a combination of projectors and lenses we can theme an entire space with either still or moving images. On the left you can see a mountainous forest theme for a heaven and hell themed event

It certainly does look quite dramatic in real life.

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