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That Event Company - Breakup lighting for events

That Event Company, Oxford - texturing lighting effects to add an extra dimension to your event

So what is breakup lighting?

Breakup lighting is simple. We take a stencil of metal, acetate or glass and place it into one of our high-powered focused light sources - this in turn projects whatever is on the stencil (gobo) onto a space within your venue or marquee. It's a pretty simple concept but when used in combination with other lighting effects it can really transform a space and give it texture.

Breakup lighting is often overlooked - we aren't sure why but it's one of our favourite effects for weddings and other personal events, and it's only limited to your imagination!

Imagine a room uplit to your event's colours but within that are shards of shaped light cutting through and creating tones (which compliment your scheme) that give the room a personal feel. Breakup gobos come in many different shapes and forms and are completely abstract - they don't really have to mean anything, they are just a combination effect that works well in venues when used correctly.

Like anything the breakups can be white or a combination of colours and work well on ceilings, walls and even facing down and applying texture onto your wedding breakfast tables. It can be a very subtle effect and like everything we do here, it's all about the addition of lots of subtle effects to get one amazing result.

If you are interested in breakup lighting hire for events, please contact us - we support events in Oxford, Bucks and Berkshire but also travel nationwide.

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